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1H Wik Strategy

Benefits of this course:
  • How to spot and draw out acurate support and resistance areas
  • How to make use of support and resistance areas for entries in the market
  • How to make use of those areas to exit trades and take profit.

Included in this course:

  • Live webinar explaining and teaching the whole strategy
  • Access to the strategy Telegram group
  • Frequent videos posted in the group of possible setups
  • PDF document to setup your Tradingview and get ready

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Full Nasdaq Course


Benefits of this course:

  • Detailed explanation of ABCD patterns and using it on several time frames.
  • Detailed explanation on Support and Resistance and how to make use of it correctly.
  • How to use the market momentum as well as trends to your advantage.
  •  How to stay profitable with using risk management.
  • How to use candle confirmations correctly.

Included in this course:

  • A full video course outlining all aspects of how I trade.
  • Access to our Student ONLY Telegram group
  • Frequent videos posted in the group of possible setups.
  • One on One webinars on request to help you understand everything clearly.

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About Wik Trading

Wikus de Lange, a former employee of one of South Africa's leading banks

wik trading

Based in Cape Town South Africa, Wikus de Lange, a former employee of one of South Africa’s leading banks and an executive financial advisor at one of the leading financial institutions in South Africa has developed his love for the financial market and investments early in life.

With experience in several industries such as network marketing, property sales and investments, and other business ventures, Wikus has come to the conclusion that the Forex market is the only skillset needed for him to achieve all that his heart desires.

Being a proud student of Clint Fester (Festx.co.za), Wikus has studied the forex market and created an exceptional passion for trading Nasdaq.

This passion turned into an obsession to become the most successful and accurate trader on Nasdaq in the Retail trader’s space. This ongoing journey has led to some amazing discoveries.

After spending numerous months focusing on following and understanding this pair, Wikus has created several strategies to trade Nasdaq with Low Risk / High Reward setups.

Join him and several other traders using these strategies to create a profitable account for yourself.

We are looking forward to sharing this information with you!



What my clients have to say

Trading... one of the things when introduced seems quite simple, yet the deeper you go the easier it is to start making mistakes, and with mistakes comes shorter patience which comes with more mistakes, it is one of the negative cycles that 90% of traders get caught in... BUT when I came across the Wik Strategy and the tooling that is included, it instantly provides you with the mindset and patience to let things play out and stop getting caught up from the noise in the smaller time frames. This Strategy and approach with the correct risk management can provide you with trades that can run while you are out living your life and managing your trades without biting your nails. I truly feel this information should be a lot more expensive.
Bernard Haupt - South Africa
I've been trading for over a year, predominantly Nasdaq. Been through almost every course and know all the strategies available. I met Wikus through Festx and just had a good feeling about him. Took the chance and signed up to his strategy. All I can say is that I haven't looked back. The strategy itself is solid, it gives one confidence when trading Nas but does require patience which Wikus clearly states from the outset. Wikus has a webinar through which everything is explained in detail, his delivery is excellent, clear, concise and could easily be understood by a beginner. His approachable persona makes asking questions very easy. But what makes Wikus' strategy surpass everyone else's is the "after webinar" approach. Wikus is available at anytime, 7 days a week and would happily jump on a zoom to iron out any issues you have until its fully understood. Since I've applied the Wik Nas strategy I've been consistently profitable and I'm more than happy to recommend it to anyone looking to trade Nasdaq. Well done Wikus and keep it up.
Zihaad - South Africa
Being an indice trader has been a love-hate journey but investing in myself and purchasing Wikus's strategy has allowed me to fall more in love with the process! No longer needing to clutter my charts with multiple S&R lines, I can purely focus on understanding price action whilst the Wikus Strat automatically draws these levels for me. This trains my eye to see S&R level with clarity, enhancing my entries, minimizing my risk and holding positions for longer durations. Combined with my own approach to the markets Wikus Strat has definitely added that extra edge to my Indice trading experience. Take the step, invest in yourself! And most importantly put in the TIME!
Shaahid Kharsany - South Africa
After taking Wikus's course and applying his strategy I have definitely seen a big improvement on my Nasdag Trading, and would recommend taking his course to anyone. By following his rules and being patient anyone can be successful.
JP Basson - Canada

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